If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Client #1

“After years of procrastinating and worrying about pain and expense, I had four crowns replaced and added another four (for a total of eight). I should have done it years ago. The staff at Sterling Dental are professional, caring, and considerate. Dr. Sterling and his associates did everything they could to make the process pain-free and financially manageable for my budget. Thank you all so much — I love my smile!”

Client #2

“Dr. Sterling and his staff offer the friendliest service I have experienced ever in dental care. The appointments are scheduled and the staff is ready for that time, no waiting. As a child, dental care was not a priority. I am living proof of inadequate dental care. Dr. Sterling and his staff never made me feel inadequate, and in fact encouraged and taught me the importance of proper dental care. Dr. Sterling developed a plan for me including bleaching, multiple root canals, crowns and veneers. All this was what I consider the first stage. The work was extensive and they handled it with professionalism that I have never experienced before in a dental office. The second stage, which I am nearing completion, is changing the old metal fillings with white fillings. This was necessary due to the fact that decay had set in beneath the old fillings, just as Dr. Sterling had suggested. The work I had was extensive to say the least. The staff are friendly and courteous and truly make you feel a part of the Sterling Dental family. A job well done.”

Client #3

May 7, 2008 – “A visit to the dentist is not something most people enjoy, but I always look forward to my next visit to Dr. Anthony Sterling’s dental office, not only because he and his team provide excellent care but also for the warmth and personal attention I receive every time. I made a rather bold decision to correct my teeth alignment with braces when I was well into my forties. I felt very much encouraged and supported throughout the process, and in about 18 months, I had fantastic results, far beyond my expectations.

“Every follow-up visit since the braces came off has been marked by the same care and dedication and I feel completely confident to approach Dr. Sterling and the team with any concern, whether it be routine mouth care or any adjustments needed for maintaining the alignment. Dr. Sterling’s expertise and the efficiency of his team, together with the friendliness and personal care and attention, are the reasons I will continue to enjoy my visits. I wish Dr. Sterling and the team all the very best.”

Client #4

March 14, 2008 - “Dr. Anthony Sterling, it is with pleasure that I write this ‘love note’ to you, as one of your assistants calls it. This note is to thank you for being my dentist and for the wonderful, gentle care you have provided.

“Let me just say that when I walked into your office the welcome was warm; actually quite hot. The office staff was amazingly friendly. Somehow I feel as though they’re an extension of my family. That’s a first for me in a dentist office.

“Let me also say that they never fail to call to remind me of my appointment. This is really appreciated, because often I do forget. Let me also say that I visited five dentists before I visited you and none took the interest in my mouth the way you do. In the short while that I have been seeing you I’ve had fillings, braces, and now most recently you’ve prepared my mouth for an implant (due to a missing tooth), which is really why I’m writing you this note.

“When we discussed the various ways to fill the gap, you didn’t try to persuade me one way or the other. You gave me researched information and allowed me to decide which to choose. You told me about the pros and cons of each procedure, and eventually I decided to go with the implant. Of course I was a bit apprehensive, not knowing what to expect.

“On the day of the mini surgery I was nervous, but when I walked into the room you and your lovely assistants joked that I would be the ‘star of the day’ and assured me everything would be fine. I started to feel at ease. You handed me an information sheet with about 12 points you wanted me to read about the procedure and its risks, etc. What was most impressive to me though was that you took the time to go through each of these points with me and answered my questions with patience and a bit of humour. This was huge for me.

“When it came time to perform the procedure, you kept me informed of what you were doing as you went along and ensured that I was comfortable. Before I knew it you were finished. You were gentle, kind, caring and most importantly, I felt no pain. Later you invited me to your office, wrote prescriptions and reminded me to be diligent about taking the medications. Still later, one of your assistants called me at home to check on me. The next day (Saturday) another of your assistants called yet again to check on me and also to remind me of my responsibility to use the medications as prescribed. I will not hesitate to tell my friends about your awesome services, Dr. Sterling. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff, my mouth feels great and my teeth look absolutely beautiful.”